Fraternal Greetings and
Our Home Page
Ronald P. Schmidt
Eminent Prior
2016 - 2017

Albert Pike Priory meets Annually at
Grand Sessions and First Saturday in May

CLASS 0f 2016

LtoR, Mark Kalkbrenner, Bobby Ashley, Robert Gipson, Doug McConnell,
John Ed Farris, Phillip McConnell, Darin Cloud

OFFICERS for 2016-2017
Prior: Ronald P. Schmidt
Dep. Prior: Paul Wilson
Warder: George Coffman
Treasurer/Registrar:Silas Wilson
Prelate: Joe Rouse
Orator: Daniel White (pro-tem)
Herald: Joe Clements, PP (pro-tem)
Sentinel: Tom Liles
Dir. of Work: T.J. Henwood, PP

Wesley H. Newton 1980
*John Sam Davis 2003
*Harvey I.Mize 1982 Bobby Gower 2004
James O. Jackson 1988 *Burt Lee 2005
Earl Tubbs 1989 T. J. Henwood 2006
Johnnie D. Savage 1991 Samuel D. Lattin, Jr. 2007
Thomas L. May 1992 *Ted Solarz 2008
*Clifford L. Duncan 1996 Royce Taylor 2009
Clyde Watson 1997 Joseph T. Clements 2010
*Robert B. Mitchell 1998 Ed Britton 2011
*Kenneth E. Story 1999 Aaron South 2012
Bobby B. Bennett 2000 Robet L. Jackson 2013
*Johnny A. Hedge 2001 Silas Wilson 2014
Ronnie Hedge 2002 David Bassett 2015

For Official Information Contact:
Registrar: Silas Wilson
T.J. Henwood, PP

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