Fraternal Greetings and
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Knight Thomas V. Hornung
Eminent Prior
2017 - 2018

Regular Conclaves are held at York Rite Session
the first part of June in various locations
And the last Saturday in September
At various locations set by Prior at Session meeting
The Conclaves usually include a dinner with the Ladies

OFFICERS for 2017 - 2018
Prior Thomas V. Hornung Billings
Deputy Prior David Martinez Bozeman
Warder Roger E. Cathel Great Falls
Registrar Alan Frohberg  
Prelate Don Holland Forsyth
Orator Phil Blaisdell  
Herald George Dengel  
Sentinel Keith A. Head  

1994 George Pamenter Great Falls
1997 Floyd Jenni Lewistown
2001 H. Roger Wendt Kalispell
2002 James Grotts Polson
2005 Theodore T. Williams Bozeman
2006 R. Bruce McGinnis Helena
2007 Goerge Sexton Shepherd
2008 Thomas E. Valente, Jr. Salem, OR
2010 James A Burrows Laurel
2011 Jim E. Trowbridge Covallis
2012 Brad Huffman Conrad
2013 Raymond Sorenson Kalispell
2014Gary Sparr Columbia Falls
2015Steven Marsh Billings
2016Don Cerovski Belgrade

For Official Information
Contact the Registrar: Alan Frohberg c/o: Roger E. Cathel,
PO Box 1131, Great Falls, MT 59403
406-899 3777, E-mail:

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