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Knight Robert A. Morrison
Eminent Prior 2016-2017

OFFICERS 2017-2018
Prior William A. McBroome
Deputy Prior W. Bruce Pruitt KYGCH, KCT, PGC
Warder Warder Fenton R. Mereness KYGCH, PGC
Treas/Registrar David E. Sokol, KTCH, PP
Prelate Tony G. Stone
Orator John L. Cooper III KYGCH, KCT, PGM
Herald Richard S. Husmann

Past Priors
Golden Redwood Priory No. 82
2007 Fredrick L. Smith, KYGCH, KCT PGC 2012 Franklin K. Andersen
2008 William G. Marsh 2013 Phillip A. Hardiman KYGCH, PGHP
2009 Myron A. Tisdel, KYGCH, KCT, PGC 2014 Richard J. Jolley
2010 Don E. Lamoureux PGL 2015 Gary W. Spriggs KYGCH, PGHP
2011 Elmer B. Curtis KYGCH, KCT, PGC 2016 Robert A. Morrison

Affiliated Past Priors
Milton M. Abbott, Jr. KYGCH, KCT, PGC 38-2008James J. McDonald III50-2005
Kenwood E. Benton38-2000Herbert E. Neely KYGCH, PGHP38-1990
William N. Brasher38-2004Fredrick L. Smith KYGCH, KCT, PGC38-2001
Richard D. Kelly KYGCH, PGHP 38-1993David E. Sokol , KTCH 38-2009
William S. Dann KCT38-2010 

For Official Information
Contact the Registar: David E. Sokol
7076 Riata Dr, Redding, CA 96002
(530) 378-5512

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