Conclaves & PGM
COMMITTEES 2020-2021
Finance & Budget Bryce B. Hildreth, Chair Nominations Blaine H. Simons, Chair
Gary D. Miller Bryce B. Hildreth
Glen A. Cook D. Allen Surratt
Joe R. Manning

Jurisprudence Reese L. Harrison, Jr. Chair Annual Conclave Committee J. David Cashion, Chair
John R. Stracener Ray Casey
Dennis Sheridan Russell E. Bridges
Phil Presley
Ralph Messer

Policy Committee All Grand Officers Ceremony and Forms Joe R. Manning, Jr., Chair
All Past Grand Masters-General Gary D. Miller
James C. McGee

Warrants Lawrence E. Tucker, Chair Jewels and Collars Gary D. Miller, Chair
Glen A. Cook James C. McGee
Joe R. Manning, Jr. Bobby B. Simmons

Time and Place Glen A. Cook, Chair KYCH History Gary G. Wyne,Chair
Joe R. Manning, Jr. Alfred T. Johnson
Gary D. Miller Edward F. Howard
James E. Selleck

Topical Reference Lawrence E. Tucker, Chair Memorial Committee Russell E. Bridges, Chair
L. Alvin Hill, Sr. Ray Casey
Steven Steele Joe R. Manning, Jr.

Credentials Committee J. David Cashion, Chair Personal Representatives Dennis A. Sheridan, Chair
Ray Casey Glen A. Cook
Russell E. Bridges Joe R. Manning, Jr.
John Walston, Jr. Gary D. Miller

Unfinished Business D. Allen Surratt, Chair Web Site D. Allen Surratt, Chair
Emory J. Ferguson George D. M. Pushee, III
Bobby B. Simmons J. David Cashion

York Rite Cooperation Steven Tiner, Chair Wills, Bequests, and Legacies Matthew D. Dupee, Chair
Monty Glover L. Alvin Hill, Sr.
Jeffrey Nelson Bobby B. Simmons

Investment Glen A. Cook, Chair Visiting Knights Phil Presley, Chair
Bryce B. Hildreth Ray Casey
Bobby B. Simmons All Past Priors of Lily of the
D. Allen Surratt, (ex officio) Valley #1, KYCH
Reese L. Harrison, Jr. (ex officio)