Conclaves & PGM
COMMITTEES 2018-2019

Finance & Budget Nominations
Bryce B. Hildreth, Chairman Bobby B. Simmons, Chairman
Gary G. Wyne Steven Q. Steele
W. Berry Rigdon Lawerence E. Tucker
Glen A. Cook

Jurisprudence Annual Conclave Committee
John R. Stracener, Chairman Robert L. Sutherland, Jr., Chairman
L. Alvin Hill Paul M. Leary
Reese L. Harrison Paul C. Smith
H. Stephen Wood
Thomas X. Tsirimokos
Patrick J. O'Sullivan
Richard F. Cole, Jr.

Policy Committee Ceremonies and Forms
All Grand Officers W. Berry Rigdon, Chairman
All Past Grand Masters-General Glen A. Cook
Joe R. Manning, Jr.

Warrants Jewels and Collars
Lawrence E. Tucker, Chairman W. Berry Rigdon, Chairman
W. Berry Rigdon Bobby B. Simmons
Glen A. Cook Steven Q. Steele

Time and Place KYCH History
Gary G. Wyne, Chairman Alfred T. Johnson, Chairman
W. Berry Rigdon Edward F. Howard
Glen A. Cook Henry A. Adams
Joe R. Manning, Jr. James E. Selleck

Topical Reference Memorial Committee
Steven Steele Paul M. Leary, Chairman
Alvin Hill Joe R. Manning, Jr.
Lawrence Tucker Rick N. McCampbell

Credentials Committee Personal Reprsentative
Robert L. Sutherland, Jr., Chairman Gary G. Wyne, Chairman
Alan M. Robinson W. Berry Rigdon
Paul C. Smith Glen A. Cook
Troy A. Patoine
Patrick J. O'Sullivan

Unfinished Busines Web Site
D. Allen Surratt, Chairman George D.M. Pushee, III, Chairman
Emory J. Ferguson D. Allen Surratt
Bobby B. Simmons Gary G. Wyne

York Rite Cooperation Wills, Bequests and Legacies
Jeffrey Nelson, Chairman Matthew D. Dupee, Chairman
Harry Hodge L. Alvin Hill
David Grindle Bobby B. Simmons

Investment Visiting Knights
Glen A. Cook, Chairman Paul C. Smith, Chairman
Bryce B. Hildreth H. Stephen Wood
Bobby B. Simmons Patrick J. O'Sullivan
D. Allen Surratt (ex officio) Paul M. Leary
Reese L. Harrison, Jr. (ex officio) Richard F. Cole, Jr.