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The Order was formed in Monroe, North Carolina on March 13,1930. On June 6,1930 the Convent General of the United States of America was formed to administer the Order.
Membership in the Knights of the York Cross of Honour (KYCH) cannot be applied for. In order to be considered for membership, a proposed candidate must have served as:
Worshipful Master of a Masonic Lodge    
High Priest of a Royal Arch Chapter    
Thrice Illustrious Master of a Council of Royal and Select Masters    
Eminent Commander of a Commandery of Knights Templar    

Knights of the York Cross of Honour is a Honor Group of York Rite Masons who are dedicated to serving the Masonic Fraternity as a Labor of Love.
No individual should aspire to membership in KYCH, when he has done the required work, and done it well, he will be invited to membership. Those who labor will be rewarded by being invited.
After a Mason has fulfilled the requirements of membership, his name may be proposed for membership by a member of the K.Y.C.H.. The prospective member should not know that he has been proposed. When a Priory receives a proposed, such proposal must be held over until the next stated meeting of the Priory before it is Balloted on. Some of the Ballot rules vary in different Jurisdictions, to comply with Grand Lodge Rules and Regulations. In this Jurisdiction the prospect must receive a unanimous vote by secret Ballot. The prospective proposal should not know that his name was proposed until he is official notified that he is elected to be invited to petition to membership. If this rule is followed, no one that is proposed and rejected should ever know that he was proposed and rejected, thereby saving much embarrassment. to everyone.

A member of K.Y.C.H. who has served any of the Four Grand York Rite Bodies as presiding Officer is thereby a Knight York Grand Cross of Honour, [FURTHER INFORMATION HERE] with one Quadrant for each of the Grand Bodies he has served. This means that if he has served any of these Four Grand Bodies, before he is inducted into K.Y.CH. , he would be a Knight York Cross of Honour upon being inducted into membership.. If he serves any of these Four Grand Bodies after he is a K.Y.C.H, member, then he gets a Grand Quadrant when his term ends for each of those Grand Bodies. When a member becomes a Knight York Grand Cross of Honour, he is entitled to a Certificate from Convent General showing the distinction, i.e., Knight York Grand Cross of Honour with, One Quadrant, Two Quadrants, Three Quadrants, or Four Quadrants, as the case may be. These forms are available from this website under the tab FORMS. Lapel emblems are available to indicate Knight York Grand Cross of Honour. Each Quadrant is represented by the appropriate color of the order served, i.e., Blue for Lodge, Red for Chapter, Purple for Council, and White for Commandry, if the member is a Past Prior the background of his emblem should be Blue, if he is a Knight Grand Cross of Honour, but not a Past Prior, the background should be White.

The meaning of membership in K.Y.C.H. can best be explained by a closing statement of Most Eminent Knight Donald E. Friend, Grand Master General, at his Convent General Session in 1995 , "As a Knight of the York Cross of Honour, you are a proven servant of the Masonic Fraternity , your inspiration has came from your Past, your duty is in the present , your Hope is in the Future, I ask you always to remember—In all you do , In all you say, In all of your actions, take a good look at yourself, you are someone impression of Freemasonry ".
This information prepared by Ivan D. Rinck, Personal Representative No, 18 April 3, 1999.