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The Purpose of this Web Site is to:
Identify the 17 KYCH Priory Web Sites Hosted on www.kych.org
Visitors Priory Web Site
Convent General www.kych.org
Rose of Sharon No. 2, VA www.kych.org/2
Penn No. 6, PA www.kych.org/6
Miami No. 10, FL www.kych.org/10
Wisconsin No. 16 www.kych.org/16
Albert Pike No. 20, AR www.kych.org/20
Alabama No. 31 www.kych.org/31
Vermont No.45 www.kych.org/45
Empire State No. 46, NY www.kych.org/46
Ontario No. 49, ON www.kych.org/49
Montana No. 51, MT www.kych.org/51
Massachusetts No. 52 www.kych.org/52
Robert A. Woods No. 62, IN www.kych.org/62
France No. 81, Paris, FR www.kych.org/81
Golden Redwood No. 82, CA www.kych.org/82
Northern No. 84, Sudbury, Canada www.kych.org/84
Jaques de Molay No.85, Bucharest, Romania www.kych.org/85

NOTE: * ALL Sites ARE , OWNED and OPERATED by Dan Pushee
In General, they are UPDATED every year after each Annual Meeting
by information provided by each Secretary/Recorder or the representative.
Obviously, if the "UPDATED YEAR"on the Site is not the current year,
that information has not been received by the webmaster kych52fl@gmail.com

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